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"But how does all of this work?"

We'll Show you!

Off/Source at the core, is a virtual assistant service startup built to provide founders and owners with the tools and resources they need to help their companies grow. We do the work for you.

To help deliver the best experience possible we have partnered with Moxo to provide you with a dashboard to manage everything from project tasks and meetings to docs and contracts.

Take a tour of your client portal

Like Office, Like Portal

Your client portal is like a virtual office, where you share docs and files, communicate with your virtual assistant, add projects and tasks, and even hold team meetings. 

With the mobile app, take your business on the go, wherever you are. Get instant notifications, and updates and stay connected to your work and team in REAL-TIME! Spend less time hiring and vetting and more time getting projects done.

The Whole Scoop: Fractional Employee Time

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