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A Guide To Going Virtual

If you're reading this, chances are you have probably given some serious thought about going virtual, and if you're new, let me explain what it means to go virtual. Going virtual is term used to describe the transition of your information, processes, and other systems from paper/human to the digital/virtual world. For example, if you constantly are sending out paper documents for signatures (documents like waivers, contracts, and forms) you might want to consider transitioning to E-signatures, which are electronic documents sent over email to be signed via the computer. This saves paper, time, and filing space and is super convenient. Consider this your short guide to going virtual. (Click here if you prefer to listen this content)

I know it's a simple start but I promise people are going to need to hear this. Your equipment is the basis to what what extent you will be virtual. Consider these pieces of equipment to be the substitute for your everyday practices. Chances are you already have a laptop, and at minimum I know you have a cell phone. Make sure they are at least mid-grade quality devices. Remember, you have to work on these devices, so speed, and efficiency are important. Do consider investing in a scanner or printer (combo to save money) allowing you to use Evernote on a grand scale and keeping tabs on loose documents that you will now be able to throw away.

When it's time to upgrade your social media skills and keep tabs on every account and page, it's best to use an SMMT (social media manager tool). Programs like Hootsuite, Social Pilot, and Loomly are a great to check out, and use whatever feels most comfortable to you. SMMT saves you the time from posting across each platform natively and rather schedule and post from a 3rd party app across all the social platforms (I'm currently testing out Social Pilot). If you're reading this and considering opening a social media agency, then I suggest you get HIGHLY familiar with one of these platforms or ones like them. Peep game: Social Pilot also allows for Canva integration.

Speaking of Canva, this brings us to another important tip in leading going virtual or trying to live that "laptop lifestyle". Canva is an app (and also website) that allows you to make content to your heart's desire. With paid and free access, both are of great value. I currently use Canva to make all (literally all) my content. My logo, my newsletter, the majority of social media content I create, is all used using Canva. Definitely a must have app for going virtual.

Utilize The Freeness of the Internet

The internet is FULL of free resources, one of the biggest namely being Google. Google offers so much free content, it makes going virtual almost a no-brainer. For free, google drive contains:

  • Documents

  • Spreadsheets

  • Templates (Like NDAs)

  • Forms (for survey, quizes, forms etc)

  • Drawing

  • Powerpoint

  • The ability to work with others easily (sharing information)


If you are looking to go virtual with your team, without high cost platforms, using google and even upgrading to Gsuite is most certainly worth it. Zoom is another platform that offers great value under its free plans, with unlimited time for 1-on-1 and 40 minute conference limits with 3+ people, this makes zoom a top competitor for hosting video and voice conferences. I also use it to record interviews online, and because they have an auto extraction process, when the recording saves it automatically gives me an audio only version.

I KNOW I left out a great deal of information, check back for a part 2. Going virtual is much easier than you think, I promise it will be worth the effort and time. If you're feeling short on time give us a visit at to learn more about going virtual and how we can help you through that process.

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