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How The Future of Work will Look Like the NBA!

What the future of work actually looks like? It’s going to look like the current state of the NBA.

Now, before we raise our eyebrows, let's analyze for a moment.

To Start: The NBA is completely distributed regarding talent and opportunity to win. No one team is so stacked they can’t lose. I believe this is what remote work will do to smaller cities/towns.

So with this whole “great resignation," many companies are left understaffed. Others have pivoted to outsourcing, and with the rise of virtual assistants - startups are using VAs from other countries.

And this has a domino effect.

We’ve already seen headlines along the lines of “Netflix Asian-lead films have higher profit margins." Because the movies are doing just as well on only a fraction of the budget because they can pay actors and workers less money.

Now apply this to work and school - do you really think that because you attend a university here, that makes you smarter than someone who attended university elsewhere?

Logically, no, Right?

What happens when that person is right in front of you speaking choppy English? It’s hard for our brain to process that they may be smarter than us - This person knows what we know and can say it in another language. But we don’t immediately think like that because of our perspective of other countries. It doesn’t help that some of these places are considered “not as developed.” Or think that being in the US means our institutions are instantly better.

All these places have their own - big companies, freelancers, social media, nuances, etc

Back to outsourcing: As companies begin to hire and outsource to labor from these foreign markets - a “global market rate” will have more meaning. If companies can pay employees a fraction of current wages and still get the same level of candidates.

Why wouldn’t they ?🤷🏾

This means employees will be competing with local competition and competition on a global scale. People will start moving to rural suburbs to save on the cost of living as the global market becomes more accessible.

This will cause a boom in housing and move to areas with major growth potential. Cities that once were considered pass-through towns will become a hotbed for remote workers. It’s only a matter of time before businesses follow to support this movement. Places like Mexico, the Philippines, and parts of Africa are going to become major business hubs because they will be the lifelines to small business owners, freelancers, and remote employees.

Back to the NBA: remember when I mentioned equal distribution amongst teams in today's league. We are going to start seeing equal distribution amongst business hub cities.

And THAT is going to be the future of work

  • Major mini business hubs across the world

  • Rise in WFM

Which can have several other domino effects like

  • crypto becoming a primary global currency

  • having a global work time

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