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My New Take on Hiring

I am recently quoted saying that most of today's hiring methods are absolutely arbitrary and based on tradition. While they have some basis, I have found a method that I think will work better (I say "will" because I'm testing and implementing it).

Can we agree that if someone is applying for a job, they at least have the ability to do the bare minimum the job requires? Subsequently, this means that their attitude to succeed in their role can be a huge determining factor.

This makes your onboarding and training THE MOST crucial part of your hiring process. The more candid you are during the interview and onboarding in their role, your expectations, and what success for them looks like, the better mentally prepared they will be. After that, your goal as a leader is to train, support, and grow that employee to the very best of your abilities. I truly believe you curate and grow great talent when you give them the right resources, support, and freedom.

Now, when you've done ALL of this (and be honest with yourself - did you REALLY provide support and a healthy work environment) and they still don't perform - now you have to terminate.

And fast.

Transparency is key. As part of your firing process, you need to have been transparent throughout their entire journey at your company. 2 important things to note - 1. Firing should not be a surprise 2. It shouldn't be a bad ordeal

They really should leave on good terms - Help them transition into their new job. People will quickly and in detail recall bad memories if the exit experience is negative.

As a leader, our jobs are to lead - and in a company that means actually giving a crap about your people. What does giving a crap look like? - Continual training and advancement - Emotional Support - Providing a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Many people have the misconception that leaders only delegate and make sure other people get work done. Be a better leader and watch your company grow.

This is why I have decided to allocate the bulk of my resources around hiring to creating an extremely comprehensive onboarding, training, and firing process for new hires.

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