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Increased Global Talent: Same Work, Less Salaries - The Future of Work

What comes to mind when you hear the term "future of work"? Do you think of a really cool piece of technology like the Apple Vision Pro, or maybe a better travel infrastructure, to make transportation easier? The term ”future of work” is used so loosely that it’s almost impossible to clearly define any one activity or industry as the clear leader of the “future of work” movement. Just think, prior to the pandemic, the thought of working from home seemed like a luxury, not a basic work compensation.

Individually, the future of work is divided into the believers and non-believers of a particular thing or action. Think about the discourse around the subjects of remote work, AI in the workplace, Spatial Computing (AKA just virtual reality), and other such topics - everyone is divided on the subjects, taking far stances on either side of the argument. We believe at Off/Source that all of these, are PIECES to the entire puzzle (the future of work), and that entire puzzle, is global talent reallocation.

Global Talent Reallocation is the TRUE future of work. We already see it happening on a micro-scale within companies post-pandemic; organizations are offering compensation based on the CoL in your respective area. Meaning if you live in San Francisco, you will make more money, doing the same job, than if you live in Charlotte, NC. Compiled on top of owners realizing that the rest of the world is NOT dumb and is ALSO capable of completing the same work at an even smaller fraction of the cost - And then paired with AI, employees complaining about working in an office, and spatial computing becoming a norm - organizations are going to be reallocating their resources for salaries and wages in completely reimagined ways.

Take your typical administrative assistant, with a salary of $52,000 - How can a company redistribute this money to complete the task, provide quality results, and increase profit margins? I’ve given some potential scenarios below (keep in mind the average salary in South Africa is ZAR 21,000/Mo = $1,100/Mo)

  • 3 Full-time workers and 1 part-time worker

  • 2 Full time workers + $25k in retained earnings

  • 1 Full time Workers ($20k Salary/Yr) + Apple Vision Pro for more personal meetings + AI software to become more efficient + $25k in retained earnings

  • 2 Full Time Workers + Top line AI software + Off/Source + $20k in retained earnings

Theoretically, each employee would have an increased RPE (revenue per employee), which is a no-brainer for boardrooms and shareholders.

The changes to HOW we work are just the beginning - between AI and spatial computing, global talent reallocation will force organizations to adapt or get beat by companies with larger margins and thinner expenses.

If you are trying to keep your company lean and hungry while still getting that to-do list completed and projects done by deadline - try outsourcing your office work with Off/Source, companies have saved over 1000 hours of completed tasks and you can get a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

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