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  • What is Offsourcing?
    Offsourcing (spelled "outsourcing") is the form of delegating tasks to workers not in your company. The act of bringing, delegating or hiring out to a 3rd party organization is considered offsourcing.
  • What is a Virtual Assistant like from Off/Source?
    A virtual assistant from Off/Source is more like a virtual account manager. With more of a jack-of-all trade skillset, your VA is in charge of making sure the right person on their team handles the task. By utilizing Fractional Employee Time, we are able to allocate the time you need to the people best fit for the job.
  • How Does Off/Source work?
    Off/Source works like any other SaaS subscription you might have already used or purchased in the past. After purchasing your subscription, an email is sent to complete your login credentials. After you log in, you can start outsourcing immediately. Use your Off/Source platform to communicate, send additional details and files, outsource tasks, projects and full departments to Off/Source
  • How Much Does Off/Source Cost?
    We keep our pricing as cost effective (and competitive) as we can with plans starting as low as $190/Mo.
  • How is Off/Source different from an VA agency or a Freelancer
    The big difference is that we - Are NOT a marketplace. We do not pair you with a VA - Do not only have one virtual assistant available to do you work - Offer a wider range of services than most agencies This allows us to optimize not only the speed at which we are able to complete and return your deliverables, but also the quality of the person completing your work. We also have wrapped our service in a premiere client software to give you full control over your Off/Source experience. Think of Off/Source as the company that combines the best parts of an agency, a freelancer and a traditional employee into one.
  • I thought SaaS meant "Software as a Service"
    Traditionally, yes - that is what it means. However, here at Off/Source we define our SaaS as "Service as a Software". Our core business model, is providing a service that business owners and entrepreneurs need. We then found the best way to execute and deliver this service through a mode that feels most familiar: - Your computer - Your phone So like the great apps and other services you use everyday - we live in your pocket and on your desk.
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